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Telling the story

In my photography I have found that I am a story teller. 
• The photos to the left seem to be the pictures most people want to purchase. 

• Yet the photos to the right are the photos more like the ones I enjoy after the event.  
Understandably, the photos to the left are the ones you would hang on the wall in a frame or give grandma.  
 And the ones on the right "tell the story" - I have found especially with the soccer photos the kids like the pics on the right as they relive the moment. Even if the picture is dark or not quite in focus, they were there and they lived the moment and it is fun seeing it from a different perspective. 

So now I attempt to take a combination of the two pictures.

The actual sale of some of these pictures is what allows me to keep these pictures available on this Smugmug website. As well as my photo sessions where I include a photo cd for the clients. (A HUGE thanks to all of you)

I love the Smugmug Site and not ashamed to tell you who is such a wonderful host for my memories. I find Smugmug to be very easy to navigate and work with. I understand you can get less expensive prints at your local photo kiosk or through Snapfish or Shutterfly. And I use these sites as well, which is why I usually offer a download option . I will say though the photo's on this website are processed through a well-regarded photo lab, most are printed by Bay Photo, however a few of the pictures I have set up to be printed by EZPrints photo lab.

Whether you choose to purchase or just browse, these photos are here more than anything for the kids and the families who could not make the event to enjoy, or would just like to see a different perspective or relive the moment. Please share you’re moments with your loved ones and tell them about this website. I always enjoy comments on pictures and encourage you to let me know you enjoyed “Cousin Billy’s” soccer game, or whatever the event might be.

Always feel free to contact me with special request or suggestions. I have very much enjoyed capturing these moments and hope you enjoy them as well.

Melissa Hoffmann